Savour the moment. Drink responsibly.

Comte De Grasse is a disruptive player within in the global branded beverage industry and bases its future and success on the rich heritage of Grasse and innovative techniques to create premium spirits.

Spirits have been enjoyed by consumers for centuries. When taken responsibly, as they are by the vast majority of people, spirits form part of a responsible lifestyle.

Comte De Grasse condemns excessive and underage drinking. We are concerned about its negative effects on our daily lives (e.g. underage drinking, drinking and driving, alcohol related illnesses, and irresponsible attitudes), which also causes a negative image and damages the respectability of our industry.

Comte De Grasse would like to remind everyone that is illegal to sell, distribute or give alcoholic beverages to people not of drinking legal age even if said product is of low alcohol content. please check local laws to find out what the drinking legal age is in your country. Additionally, Comte De Grasse reminds its employees and associates to avoid driving after consuming alcoholic beverages exceeding the permitted local laws quantity.

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